Audio & Video
"I Am in Doubt"
by Undine Smith Moore
Ying-Shan Su, piano
"I Know That My Redeemeer Liveth" from Messiah
Virginia Chorale with Baroque Ensemble
I Am in Doubt - Undine Smith Moore
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"Meadow Song" 
by Iris Szeghy
 Natalie Groom, clarinet
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth - Handel
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"From the ashes she became" 
by Melissa Dunphy
Ying-Shan Su, piano
"Sentiment" Music by Juliana Hall 
Text by Caitlin Vincent
"Hark from the Pit, A Fearsome Sound" from Three Anti-Modernist Songs 
by Henry Cowell
Josiah Stocker, piano
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