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As a teacher, I consider myself fortunate to have taught talented students from ages 5 to 72 in both individual voice lessons and in the classroom setting. Whether teaching high school students auditioning for college programs, university undergraduates, or adult choristers, I search to design a long-range plan that will guide each student to reach his or her goals.


I approach my private studio teaching like a science lab, experimenting to help each student find her/his authentic voice — where they sound like themselves and no one else. In each lesson, we work together toward achieving that goal by exploring and devising solutions to technical puzzles and delving deep into the texts. My aim is to teach students how to apply the concepts and problem-solving approaches they are learning so they can use them on their own in the practice room. That way they are on the road to taking charge of their own lifelong learning.

As a classroom teacher, I design course plans with the desired outcome in mind: what students will be able to do by the end of the semester or year. I then plan backwards from the goals to incorporate student-centered learning: group work, creative assignments utilizing technology, and lively class discussions to help students become empowered learners. My goal is to provide a classroom environment that feels safe enough for students to take risks, ask questions, and connect the course material to their own life experience.


I have had successful private studios in Texas, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as in Heidelberg, Germany. At the collegiate level, I have taught everything from Applied Lessons, Music Appreciation, Class Voice, and Opera Workshop, to Music Appreciation and Sight Singing and Ear Training as an adjunct instructor in two states.  I’ve also taught high school-level choir and music theory as well as elementary music and choir. No matter the context, I remain committed to fostering the musical and personal growth of each student, creating music lovers for life.